Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lighten Your Workload with the Cloud

Ask any employee of an organization what a lighter workload means and you will get a different answer.

Lightening the workload is not about leaving work early or taking longer lunches. As nice as those ideas seem, the real issue for most companies is that each individual has to be able to do so much more with less. Consolidation and job sharing has been accelerated up so much more in the down economy and workers are expected to deliver more and more output based on new technology available. Workplace innovation and giving people better ways to work with information is the goal of cloud based solutions.

The fact is everyone wants to know how will the move to the Cloud benefit me?
For a CIO/CFO it will matter most that the cloud can eliminate costly IT budgets and minimize capital expenses. For the IT manager and the work groups, the cloud holds much more promise of a better day to day experience. Get more done, and have a more productive work flow! 

Cloud-computing services let customers use data networks to store, access or stream information. Simple explanation, but a bit vague on the benefits.The real benefits vary depending on your role within the company.

A Shift in IT resources

With Cloud Solutions, you get to shift responsibility for IT to a provider of your choosing. You don’t buy, own, maintain, or upgrade IT infrastructure. You let experts do it for you. The cloud provider keeps you up-to-date with the most current server technology, platform tools and software releases. And the cloud is a secure, web-based computing environment. Your business communications, transaction data and records are protected with the most current authentication, authorization and encryption methods.

Taking Baby Steps
Stepping along this migration path is a lot like watching a toddler take their first steps. Some take one or two, then sit back down. Some take a step, stop, take another step, stop, and continue. There are some who just decide one day to take that step and they go and go!

What I always say is keep doing the next indicated thing.
If your organization has identified the areas where there has to be improvement in the work flow, and you
know that you’re not the best at IT, (infrastructure,platforms, software, applications and people),or you want to save on capital expense, you can rent it from someone who is an expert.

IT becomes like electricity or water, a metered utility that you pay. Take the first step and lighten your workload one step at a time.  Mary Slagle   mslagle@teklinks.com