Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Solutions Provider--Just trying to be of service.

Solutions Provider

Moving into the role at my company TekLinks as a Solutions Provider of Managed and Cloud Services is an exciting new start for me. In addition to locating myself in the beautiful Gulf Coast area of Mississippi, I am enjoying a time of resurgence for businesses here on the Coast.

The post Katrina business owner is just breathing easily now and starting to look at the horizon. Many of the IT trends that are being tossed about have some CEO's still hesitant to make a move in any direction. Despite budget wary financial concerns, owners know that their IT costs can and DO get completely out of hand without some kind of strategy in place. It is more than a chicken or the egg scenario- moving your technology infrastructure forward is critical to your ability to grow.

That is where I can help them the most. Setting in place a strategy that allows for migration to happen and their future being a much brighter one. I love looking over the wish lists I find from business owners who are willing to ask for what they want in a relationship with their IT professional.
It looks something like this:

  • Have the very best people on staff to work with
  • Put my ( the client's)  needs ahead of their own company
  • I am the client - I may not always be right, but I am always the client
  • Be honest in all communication, tell the truth and not just what I want to hear
  • Treat our relationship as a partnership
  • Be responsive and dependable
  • Be a better listener than a talker

  • The fact that I work for a proven leader allows me to place a check mark next to each of the above listed "wants". TekLinks customer testimonials, industry awards, and consistent growth as a INC 500 top pick set us apart from any other company in the Southeast.

    Settling in to my new office in the Hancock Bank building in Gulfport is a treat for me as well. I can gaze out across the Gulf and see many of the businesses we have helped continue to flourish and grow. And the view is pretty spectacular as well!
    Where will the new innovators be found? Who is out there looking for a company to partner with to make a difference in their innovation and implementation? As one client stated "Teklinks is a true partner that appreciates that our success will determine their success. Without them, we''d be intimidated about implementing new technology and planning for that implementation."  Let me be of service to your company and help to set you up to succeed with Managed and Cloud Services today. Mary Slagle (228)281-2213